Our Services

Dallas Development offer a comprehensive range of tailored programmes, class-room and virtual, individual coaching and motivational public speaking.  Our global expertise in Europe, the USA, Middle East and Asia Pacific, ensures we adapt to the culture we are in, both organisational and regional.  

Team Management

Dallas Development is working with various organisations to give first line and experienced managers a wealth of knowledge to rise to the challenges of managing people. This includes conflict resolution, delegation, motivation, coaching, facilitation and giving and receiving feedback.


Clients have a range of agendas: career decisions, personal impact, goal setting or handling a difficult people scenario. We will often use the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) or alternatively the Strengths Deployment Inventory (SDI) personality profile as an insightful foundation to raise personal awareness, how the client absorbs information, makes decisions and what gives or drains them of energy

NLP Applications

Dallas Development has been helping clients use Neuro Linguistic Programming Interventions in a personal and business context, working with consultants, learning and development specialists, coaches, and owner managed businesses. Many of the NLP models used are based on excellence - studying what really works and advanced awareness of self and others.

Presentation Skills 

This is realistically one of the top fears for many people. It is also a fact that confident presenters can present even better!

Having solid structural tools gives presenters a more confident foundation. Dallas Development shows clients how to add insightful tips to deliver the messages with clarity, credibility and enthusiasm; adding polish and confidence without losing one's natural style.

Emotional Intelligence

We work with a range of individuals at Director, Senior and Middle Management, covering personal impact, leadership with presence and confidence, and career choices. Heather is an EBW Consultant (emotions and behaviour at work}, helping individuals and teams develop their emotional intelligence.

Virtual Webinars

Since the pandemic we have been running a range of webinars on Zoom, for either a full day, half day or an hour. They are highly interactive.  Topics include presentation skills, coaching skills, powerful goal setting, stress resilience and emotional intelligence.